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Our natural untreated yellow pine provides a classic and romantic appearance and is more affordable than Western Red Cedar. You may purchase yellow pine furniture unfinished to stain or paint yourself. We offer 2 stain choices, and 12 paint colors. The yellow pine is suitable for outdoor use with our stain for as long as two years without re-staining. Painted yellow pine is suitable for the outdoors, but undercover – Inside your gazebo, under your pavilion, or on your covered patio or porch. (If you want treated pine, please give us a call at 800-849-5175. It hasn’t been added yet to the shopping cart.)

We have treated pine available as well, but it is not in our shopping card. Just call 800-849-5175 and we will answer your questions and process your order over the phone.

Click here to see stain color options.

Kids Table with Benches

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4′ Table with Attached Benches

[add_to_cart item=”111″]

5′ Table with Attached Benches

[add_to_cart item=”112″]

6′ Table with Benches

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8′ Table with Attached Benches[add_to_cart item=”114″]

4′ Traditional Table with 2 Benches[add_to_cart item=”131″]

5′ Traditional Table with 2 Benches[add_to_cart item=”132″]

6′ Traditional Table with 2 Benches[add_to_cart item=”133″]

8′ Traditional Table with 2 Benches[add_to_cart item=”134″]

8′ Traditional Table with 2 Benches[add_to_cart item=”134″]

4′ Cross-legged Table/ Benches[add_to_cart item=”191″]

5′ Cross-legged Table/ Benches[add_to_cart item=”192″]

6′ Cross-legged Table/ Benches[add_to_cart item=”193″]

8′ Cross-legged Table/ Benches[add_to_cart item=”194″]

Olde Squire Ashe Rocker[add_to_cart item=”300″]

43″ Square Table with 4 Backed Benches[add_to_cart item=”302″]

4′ Fanback Swing[add_to_cart item=”382″]

5′ Fanback Swing[add_to_cart item=”383″]

4′ Traditional English Swing[add_to_cart item=”402″]

5′ Traditional English Swing[add_to_cart item=”403″]

6′ Traditional English Swing[add_to_cart item=”404″]

4′ Royal English Garden Swing[add_to_cart item=”412″]

5′ Royal English Garden Swing[add_to_cart item=”413″]

6′ Royal English Garden Swing[add_to_cart item=”414″]

75″ Cross Back Single Swing Bed[add_to_cart item=”424″]

5′ Fanback Swing Bed[add_to_cart item=”432″]

6′ Traditional Swing Bed[add_to_cart item=”453″]

6′ Royal English Garden Swing Bed[add_to_cart item=”463″]

4′ Fanback Garden Bench[add_to_cart item=”481″]

4′ Traditional English Garden Bench[add_to_cart item=”501″]

5′ Traditional English Garden Bench[add_to_cart item=”502″]

6′ Traditional English Garden Bench[add_to_cart item=”503″]

4′ Royal English Garden Bench[add_to_cart item=”511″]

5′ Royal English Garden Bench[add_to_cart item=”512″]

6′ Royal English Garden Bench[add_to_cart item=”513″]

4′ Fanback Glider[add_to_cart item=”581″]

5′ Fanback Glider[add_to_cart item=”582″]

4′ Traditional English Glider[add_to_cart item=”601″]

5′ Traditional English Glider[add_to_cart item=”602″]

6′ Traditional English Glider[add_to_cart item=”603″]

4′ Royal English Glider[add_to_cart item=”611″]

5′ Royal English Glider[add_to_cart item=”612″]

6′ Royal English Glider[add_to_cart item=”613″]

Traditional English Dining Chair[add_to_cart item=”634″]

Royal English Dining Chair[add_to_cart item=”635″]

Traditional English Gliding Chair[add_to_cart item=”654″]

Royal English Gliding Chair[add_to_cart item=”655″]

Kennebunkport Adirondack Chairs[add_to_cart item=”661″]

High Adirondack Chairs[add_to_cart item=”669″]

Fanback Adirondack Chairs[add_to_cart item=”667″]

Folding Ottoman[add_to_cart item=”670″]

Folding Oval End Table[add_to_cart item=”671″]

Classic Porch Rocker[add_to_cart item=”680″]