Amish Pergolas

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Natural Beauty, Shade, and Durability

Our wood and vinyl pergolas are designed to last a lifetime

Why A Pergola? Pergolas, along with your choice of hanging plants and vines, can be the perfect accent to your outdoor space, depending on what’s most important to you. You can place some patio furniture there where you can go out and enjoy your morning cup of coffee, or a relaxing drink in the evening. You can do the same thing in a pavilion or gazebo, so why a pergola?

  • Natural Beauty – The #1 reason why people choose pergolas over gazebos or pavilions is the ability to hang plants and grow vines on their pergola. Also, people love the criss-cross look.
  • Shade – Right from the start, and especially after your plants mature, pergolas provide beautiful natural shade to your garden area or patio.
  • Portal – Pergolas serve as an ideal entry way from the back of your home to your backyard, or from one section of your property to the other.


Why Amish Designers Pergolas?

Wood Pergolas

Our wood pergola design is not only beautiful, but extremely sturdy.  If wind and durability are primary concerns, our 4-beam design with braces on each beam will provide the stability you need.  Premium #1 kiln dried after treatment pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine lumber is standard on our pergolas.  Unlike Cedar, Hemlock, or Fir, this lumber has a limited lifetime warranty.  Here is a list of how our wood pergolas are constructed from bottom to top:

  1. Extremely heavy duty mounting brackets to mount the posts to the pad or footers.
  2. True 5″ x 5″ four piece laminated posts designed to minimize cracking and twisting.
  3. Optional post skirts for added dimension and beauty.
  4. 4 beams that consist of 3 2″ x 8″‘s with plywood sandwiched in the middle will span up to 16 feet without sagging, even under the weight of two layers of cross rafters.
  5. A row of 2″ x 8″‘s evenly spaced about 16″ to 18″ apart.
  6. A row of 2″ x 2″‘s notched and evenly spaced about 16″ to 18″ apart.
  7. All galvanized screws that won’t rust.

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Vinyl Pergolas

More and more people are choosing vinyl because it’s low maintenance. It’s more expensive to buy, but never needs to be re-treated or painted so it’s less expensive in the long run. Keep in mind, there are a lot of cheap pergola kits out there that may not stand the test of time. Everything we make is designed to last 15, 20 years or more. You shouldn’t have to replace it.

Building Amish Pergolas

Pergolas do not travel assembled and must be ordered in kit form. You can assemble it yourself, have a contractor assemble it, or pay our crews to bring it out and build it for you. Which option is best depends on how handy you are, who you know and where you’re located. The builders are located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, so if you live much more than 150 miles from there, it may not be cost effective to have us build it for you (depending on the size of course). We’d be happy to price out the build on-site option, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Amish Pergolas Pricing

We’d like to try to keep our pricing between us and our customers, and don’t send out pages with all our pricing. Our pergolas are more expensive than many you’ll find on the internet, but we still sell a lot of them.  We only have one level of quality.  If you are close enough to make the trip to Quarryville, PA, and you can see up close how our pergolas are constructed, you’ll see why our pergolas are worth the price.  It might not be for you – there are plenty of cheap pergolas out there if you only need one to last you a few years.