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Amish Crafted Pavilions
Built to Stay Beautiful

Backyard and park pavilions are becoming ever more popular as families look for ways to enjoy the outdoors more. Adding a beautiful and durable pavilion to your outdoor living area provides protection from the sun and heat, as well as rain and snow. Who hasn’t had to interrupt their outdoor picnic or barbecue from afternoon showers? And wouldn’t it be nice to grill out a few extra weeks of the year without having to shovel your way to your grill?

Why Amish Designers Pavilions?

There are lots of places you can get a pavilion. There are a few dozen steps and details to get right any one of which can turn your dream project into a nightmare if it’s botched. You need a team of people that are capable and accountable for thorough communication and follow through. Homeowners, communities and businesses of all experience levels choose Amish Designers for:

1. Specialization and expertise. The only way to evaluate this is to give us a call and speak to one of our design consultants. If all you do is call around or fill out forms and ask for pricing, you’re not going to find out who is most capable of helping you get your project done right. Give us a call and discuss your project with us and you’ll experience first hand the differences that are most important. 1-800-849-5175.

2. Design choices. You can see for yourself in the pictures in the slideshow above, we have a wide variety of designs that are pleasing to the eye and built to last. There are lots of design and option choices to make your pavilion uniquely yours.

3. Discounted Nationwide Shipping. We compete with builders nationwide and discount our shipping to make sure we are competitive. It doesn’t always work out, particularly on smaller wood pavilion kits, but give us a try and look at the bottom line.

4.  Competitive price. It would be downright silly of us to offer a “low price guarantee” on a superior quality product. If you look at the whole equation including maintenance and how long you need your pavilion to last, we come out on top every time.

Simple and Elegant
Modern and Low Maintenance

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