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Amish Crafted Pavilions
Built to Stay Beautiful

Backyard and park pavilions are becoming ever more popular as families look for ways to enjoy the outdoors more. Those pop-up pavilions or gazebos are OK for a season or two, but eventually more and more people are getting tired of replacing fabric tents, and chasing them across their neighbors’ yards when they blow away.

Why Amish Designers Pavilions?

There are lots of places you can get a pavilion. Homeowners, communities and business choose Amish Designers for:

1. Specialization. Amish Designers’ design consultants help a lot of people complete their pavilion projects. They aren’t waiting on customers selling swing-sets, furniture, sheds, knick knacks, etc., (not that there’s anything wrong with that. ) They are experienced at and focused on coordinating projects that need to be built on site.

2. Design choices. You can see for yourself in the pictures in the slideshow above, we have a wide variety of designs that are pleasing to the eye and built to last. There are lots of design and option choices to make your pavilion uniquely yours.

3. Discounted Nationwide Shipping. Everyone knows shipping is never free. We will, however, pay a big chunk of the shipping to get you your kit so we can be competitive with builders that might be closer.

There are two ways to request a quote. Fill out the form further down the page, or the instant quote tool in the upper right side of the page. If you don’t see your size there, just fill out the form below.

Simple and Elegant
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