Whatever your situation, we will help you come up with the best most cost-effective way FOR YOU to get your gazebo, pavilion or pergola in place.  Building a kit isn’t for everyone.  Some people would rather us do it.  Others would prefer to hire a local builder.  In the case of gazebos, if it’s under 14′ wide and there is access to the location, your gazebo can be assembled in our factory for the same price as a kit.  Pergolas and pavilions don’t travel so well assembled unless they’re mounted to a floor, and better for distances less than 100 miles.

However, in the case of pavilions and pergolas, and gazebos that are too large, or where access is a problem, we have Gazebo kits available along with assembly instructions.

A word to the wise:  Building will take more than “a few hours”. It takes a few hours just to unwrap and lay out 2 tons of material before you start bolting the floor together.  Don’t let someone tell you a story to sell you on their kit and end up disappointed when it takes longer than you expected.  The guys shown in the videos you see have built literally hundreds of structures.  Notice you don’t usually see a video of a homeowner putting their kit together.  It’s usually a trained crew, because they make it look easy.  Building a gazebo, pergola or pavilion kit can still be very satisfying especially if you allow yourself a fair amount of time.